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Founded in 1978, we are professional manufacturer of magnesium alloy, zinc alloy die-casting products, and metal products with other material.

Our line of die-casting machines includes 60-ton to powerful 500-ton models, so we can fill your orders for heavy parts (up to 10 kgs) as well as lightweight hardware (0.01kg).

We offer the whole producing processes for finish goods which means one stop service. We have factories both in Taiwan and Mainland China, our excellent quality, reasonable price, and reliability can help you be more competitive in today's global market.

Please visit us on www.chi-hsing.com.tw
Zinc Alloy Water Heater Acessories, Magnesium Alloy Cellphone Casings, Zinc Alloy Auto Accessories, Zinc Alloy Stove Knobs, Motor Asscessories, Staniless Steel Bathroom Accessories, Zinc Alloy Vintage Car Accessories, Lamp Frames, Machined Parts, OEM Zinc-Alloy Stove Knobs, Pro-caliber Polishers for Woodenware & Cars, Quick couplers, Zinc-alloy die-casting parts, Magnesium-alloy Die-casting parts, Aluminum-alloy die-casting parts



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