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Power Cast Co., LTD was founded in 1979 and located in central of Taiwan. We are specialized in die-casting, investment casting (Lost Wax Casting), forging, gravity casting, plastic and CNC machining parts in various kinds of material for different industries. Such like: lock sets, hardware’s, gas equipment parts, mechanic counters, electronic counters, after service parts for auto…..etc.

We offer integrated, all around services. Whole manufacturing process is fully operating in Taiwan with well equipment for quality inspection. We operate coherently from the individual part to the assembled finish products.

We do hope we shall be able to establish a connection between our two firms which will be pleasant and mutually beneficial. Welcome OEM/ODM cooperation.
Electronic Parts & Components, Computer Parts, Auto Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Hardware, Building Hardware, Locks, Molding, Die-casting, Plastic Parts, Accounter, Counter, Leather Hardware, Plastic, Electronic Parts, Die Casting

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