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Established in 1980, Shyer Machinery Co. specializes in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of tube processing equipment. For over 20 years, they have totally devoted themselves to new technological research and development. Shyer constantly improves existing machines while developing new performance levels for their machinery to help. customers improve their competitive capabilities. Shyher's RD department consists of highly experienced engineers who have outstanding knowledge in mechanical design, control systems and hydraulic systems. Based on their extensively practical experience combined with theoretical research, Shyer tube processing equipment fully presents excellent automation, high efficiency, high productivity and easy operation for their customers.


Automatic Cutting Machine, Automatic Obliquity Forming Machine, 10 Stations Type Automatic Polishing Machine, Emery Wheel Flattening Mill, Manual-operated Obliquity Forming Machine, Pneumatic Type Disc Cutting Machine, Automatic Round-head Processing Machine, Semiautomatic Round-head Shaping Machine, Semiautomatic Groove Drilling & Punching Machine, Manual-operated Groove Drilling Machine, Pneumatic Internal and External Debarring Machine, Tube Bending and End Cutting Machine, Semiautomatic Cutting Machine Semiautomatic Tube Shrinking Expanding and Flattening Machine, Hydraulic Type Groove Drilling Machine, Fingernail-shape Punching Die Automatic Tube Drawing Machine, Tube Drawing & Obliquity Forming Machine, Automatic Tube Shrinking Machine, Automatic Golf-club Obliquity Forming Machine Double-end Single Bending Machine, Golf Club Forming Machinery, Bicycle Parts Processing Machine, Tube Processing Machines, Obliquity Forming Machine, Tube Drawing Machine, Round Head Shaping Machine, Three-axis Fork Crown Drilling Machine


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