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SANSOAR ENGINEERING SALES, INC. was founded in 1990 and since that time has established a reputation as a reliable supplier of quality fasteners, components and accessories to the construction industry.

Our range of Springseal Pipeflashings is amongst the most comprehensive available.
SANSOAR ENGINEERING SALES, INC. recently moved to new premises in Kangshan ,Kaohsiung County, where all ststems in house have acheived ISO 9001 centification.

SANSOAR ENGINEERING SALES, INC. supplies to a worldwide customer base whth distribution outlets throughout the USA, South America, Austrialasia and Europe.


Plastic Fastener & Special Parts, Special Stampings, Springs, Special Screws, Special Machining (Turning) Parts, SEMS, Forgings, Precision Castings, Valves & Fittings, Self-drilling Screws, Building Fasteners, Pipe Flashings, Bonded Washers, Different Anchors, Plastic & Rubber Parts, Pipe Flashings for all applications, RT Mesh, RT Mesh Retro, RT Standard, RT Standard Retro, Roundbase, Roundbase Retro, Pipe Flashings for all types of pipe and cable penetrations, Fittings for all types of tubes(in Brass or Stainless Steel), Water Pumps, Automatic Air Vents and Safety Relief Valves, Components and Equipment, Solar Absorbing Panels, Stainless Steel Mesh Reinforced Trflon High Pressure Hose


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