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Route International Co., Ltd develops and markets advanced Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (WTPMS) for the global automotive and transportation industries. Rote's WTPMS system meets the demand for improved vehicle safety, performance, tire life, reliability and fuel economy.
The U.S. Government, through the TREAD Act, has legislated that all new vehicles must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, beginning with a phased implementation in 2005. This Act and subsequent regulation written by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created a multi-billion dollar opportunity in the tire monitoring industry.
While initially focused at light vehicle market, it is anticipated that the TREAD Act will be expanded to include motorcycles, commercial, industrial and recreational vehicles. The European and Asian markets are also watching this legislation and are expected to implement their own regulations regarding tire monitoring.
Route International is capitalizing on aftermarket opportunities in the tire monitoring industry and positioning itself as a leading supplier of WTPMS solutions for a number of important markets.


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