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We specialize in manufacturing of plastic extruders. The main businesses include: recycling of water-cleaned plastic dry waste; color master-batch; dye forming; profile extrusion equipment;
green plastics; plastic crushing; plastic grinding; RDF-5 RDF plastic pelletizing; sheet extrusion of PE, PP, and PVC; recycling and pelletizing of plastic waste; PP, PU, PS, ABS,
and special extrusion; planning of entire plant’s equipment. We possess abundant corporate resources and capabilities in professional and technological development.
Our continual persistence on product quality is carried out thoroughly. All employees have undergone stringent professional training and are expected to be responsible for quality assurance.
Quality is ensured in every single step of equipment manufacturing. While the demand for output and quality in plastic extruders worldwide is increasing day by day,
our determination for upholding the motto, “Quality is number one. Output comes second. Customer satisfaction. Perfect service”, will never shift.
Under your support and encouragement, we will continue to provide quality and services to higher standards.


Twin-Cone High-Speed Lab Scale Pelletizing Production Line, Lab-Type Pelletizing Plant, Super Powerful Breaker, Super-Toungh Twin Roll Crusher, Strength Crusher


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