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LifeMost Technology is a R&D and marketing based company invested by Liang Meng Manufacture Group. Liang Meng Company was founded in 1990 and started her business with plastic injection as a basis business, engaged in panels of NB, PDA, and MP3,etc., refine IT products . In several years, Ling Huw Company, Tsann Feng Steel Mold Company, Green Technology INC. was established step by step. Therefore Liang Meng Manufacture Group established a sum of perfect system from molding, plastic injection, printing, vacuum sputtering to delivering goods.
Our capitalization from NT$:10,000,000 increased to NT$100,000,000 ,too. Our turnover broke through 1,000,000,000 last year .We and our consumers including Inventec Corporation, HTC, ASUS, Clevo, etc. become excellence computer periphery manufactures in Taiwan .
With the quick development of cyber business and biotechnology in the recent years, it creates unbelievable developing space for modern people's life. This turning point brings up the birth of Lifemost Technology Company in 2004 and with the vision of. "Close to your life most, treasure your life most " , Lifemost will joint innovation and enthusiasm to bring modern people health, convenience and wisdom with our life technology . Lifemost is your best friend in your daily life.


Filtration Systems & Parts, Alkaline Water Lonizers


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