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Since manufacturing of manual drilling & tapping machine in 1964, Chen Fwa Industrial Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of precise, labor-saving, automatic drilling & tapping machinery and multiple spindle head equipment in Taiwan through continuous research & development. Our research & development department, using 3D CAD software & 3D standard parts library (cooperating with mechanical industry research laboratories, ITRI.,) designs and manufactures "special purpose machine" in order to satisfy customers' particular requirements for special work pieces. For serving our customers, we will continue creating and modifying our machine models to simplify operation, lower costs, and improve efficiency of drilling & tapping works.


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Address: No. 8, Lane 121, Liteh Rd., Peitou Dist., Taipei, Taiwan 112
Telephone: 886-2-2892-4140
Fax: 886-2-2898-3801
URL: www.chenfwa.com.tw

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