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Euro American Industrial Corporation was established in 1975. We specialize in the manufacture of metal furniture designed for self-assembly by the end customer. By producing modern, high quality, affordable furniture that can be quickly and easily assembled, we are endeavoring to meet the demands of today's discerning customer. For many years we have maintained the same guiding philosophy: To satisfy the needs of our buyers by continually improving our products through the optimization of our manufacturing technology while strictly maintaining international standards of quality. This philosophy has lead to favorable reviews and high praise from our clients.
In conjunction with the ISO 9001:2000 international quality guaranteed system, the management of Euro American utilizes a team approach and the latest software in providing customer assistance with product design refinement and optimization. The result is product that is suited to the market, manufactured and delivered quickly, and meets our buyers' high standards of quality control-- all while minimizing costs. This combination of lower costs and higher quality typically adds value and improves profits for our buyers. We keep a keen eye on quality and we are determined to satisfy every customer every time.

At Euro American Industrial Corporation we understand that the only way to survive in this diverse,competitive and ever-changing industry is by satisfying the full range of our customers' needs and by minimizing purchasing costs-- which, in turn, allows for competitive pricing. To facilitate this we have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in updating our manufacturing hardware and software, utilizing new factories and manufacturing machinery, while improving the overall efficiency of our entire manufacturing process. Looking to the future we enthusiastically embrace the challenges and opportunities presented to us by the international market. We look forward to working with you and realizing those opportunities together.


Metal Table and Chairs, Dining-Sets/Tables and Chairs, Plastic Stools, Metal Chairs, Buffet/Sideboard


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