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Since 1983, FlexLine®, brand name owned by Yih-Tair Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a major name in Automotive Accessories industry in Taiwan. FlexLine® specialized in PVC, TPO & EPDM extrusion technology, manufacturing high quality Automotive Moldings for aftermarket. For over 30 years, FlexLine® dedicated to global market and sold products to over 80 countries around the world. Key elements of our success are high quality, rapid developing ability, complete product line and best customer service. FlexLline® is certified by ISO9001:2008. Our goal is to be customers' best partner in Automotive Moldings & Accessories industry.


Windshield Molding, Body Molding, Door Edge Guard, Bumper Protector Moulding, Wheel Arch Molding, Model Type of Windshield Molding, Universal Type of Windshield Molding, Fender Flares, Protector Moulding Windshield, Double Coated Tape, Plastic & Metal Combination Products, Rubber Strip, Rubber Parts, Artificial Timber for Door Frame, Soft Wall Base, Multi-Color Skirttrim, Composite Skirttrim, Multi-Color Bordertrim, Corner Protector Molding, Luminous Corner Protector, Auto Body Mouldings & Protectors, Auto Door & Windshield Weather-Strips, Auto Glass Guide Channels, & Weather Strip Belts Cold Roll Forming Products, Auto Bumper Mouldings (Pad), Artificial Timber: Door Frame, Multi-Color Bordetrim, Luminous Corner Protor, Automobile Parts, Side Mildg Set, Fender Moulding, Window Molding, Fender Trim, Car Accessories


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