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Automatic Control Instruments & Lighting Remote Control, Remote Controlled LED Lamp Bulb
1 Digital Counter: 2~8 digits 1/2 preset, EEPROM backup (H24x48, 48x48, H48x96, 72x72, H72x144)
2 Digital Timer: 2~8 digits 1/2 preset (H24x48, 48x48, H48x96, 72x72, H72x144, H88x60)
Multi range 0.001~9999999.9H, EEPROM power failure backup
3 Analog IC timer: 1~60H multi range
4 Digital Panel Meter: Volt/Current with Hi Low preset. Display meter with Pre Scaler is available.
5 Digital Frequency Meter: 4/6D display, input voltage 85~250VAC or 0~5VDC pulses
6 Digital RPM/Line Speed Meter: 4/6D1P/R input, Pre scaler & Hi Low preset available
7 Protection Relay/Controller: Volt, Current, Motion, Speed, RPM, Hz detector
8 Totalizer: 8D LCD counter. Input assign Contact or DCV or ACV.
9 Hour meter: 8D LCD hour meter. Input assign Contact or DCV or ACV.
Time range assign 999999H59M, 9999H59M59S, 99999H59.9M or 9999999.9H
10 PID process temperature controller: PID auto tune universal input programmable -100~1800oC
11 Photo isolated signal converter: DC/AC V A or Hz input, DC V A or HZ output
12 Sensor: Proximity, Photo, Thermocouple, RTD sensors, Rotary encoder & measuring wheel
13 Lighting Remote Control-Remote ON-OFF, Timing ON-OFF, Auto Cycling
14 LED Super Flashlight-Multifunction Rechargeable
15 Remote Controlled LED Lamp Bulb-Remote ON-OFF, Timing, Auto Cycling


Saintwien Tirrers, Counters, Rate Meters, Panel Meters, Sensors & Accessories, Temperature Colltrollers, IR Lighting Remote-control Boxes, Remote-control LED Lamps, Timer, LED Super Flashlight


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