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Founded in 1977 by company president Reynold Wu, Yeong Chwen Industries Co., Ltd. at present has practised automated production to increase its output with the company's service philosophy of "Your bit part is our main part, your safety is our responsibility." Focusing on safety, quality and R&D, Yeong Chwen rebuilt its factory in Taipei in 1987 and procured UL & CSA approval to accommodate the growing business. Main products come in solderless terminals & connectors. With 25-year experience of manufacturing terminals, Yeong Chwen is proud of achieving a delivery of 25 days to provide customers more flexible lead-time. This Taiwan company has devoted itself to the satisfaction of clients to win their trust and to the innovation of products to gain more business opportunities. Owning a manpower of 33 and a factory of 5,300 sq. m., Yeong Chwen is able to reach an annual sales turnover of USD$4,500,000 by exporting its products to Europe (40%), Australia (23%), North America (20%) and to domestic Taiwan (10%). The wide products range from Yeong Chwen including ring terminals, spade terminals, pin terminals, butt splice, male/female disconnectors, fully insulated male/female disconnectors, bullet disconnectors, piggy back disconnectors, etc. Applied in large machines, cars and home electric products, the company's terminals are made of copper and plastic from Taiwan, and could be produced based on customers' requirements. Terminals from Yeong Chwen come in different dimensions and configurations; the 321032 spade terminals that adopts nylon in pink for insulation is in more and more demand while the 313084 ring ones adopts vinyl. The 325064 spade terminals feature a waist in its vinyl insulation while the DR5-16 ring ones feature no plastic insulation. Generally speaking, ring and spade terminals are the best-selling items. Besides, the company has heat shrinkable ring terminals on offer, which could bear a resistant temperature of -10oC to 150oC.Yeong Chwen is going to promote its new product, terminals crimping machine, in 2003. With a dimension of 350 x 200 x 350 mm and a weight of 30 kilograms, this crimping machine ensures a speed of 60 pcs/min under a voltage of 220V/110V.


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