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Founded in 1976, Shiny Space Enterprise Co.,Ltd. started its manufacturing business with wide range production of resistors. For years, with employees' efforts and persistence, being "Sincere, Active, and Creative" was derived as the core values of Shiny Space. And, actions taken in paying much more attentions to "Total Customer Satisfactions". "Quality Upgrades", "Do-it-right From The Initiate", and "Preventions & Improvement" have leadled Shiny Space to be a high praise and worldwide-recognized manufacturer in the passive components market.

To meet market demand, we developed Multilayer Ceramic Capactiors (Radial -leaded and Axial-leaded types) since 1986 These new products, sold through Shiny Space's sales channels, have a remarkable recognition and brisk sales in returns. In 1997, we successfully developed X1-standard Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors. X1 is the highest degree of X-class safety standards for capacitors. This new item is ideal for uses of interference suppression, line bypass, antenna coupling and across-the-line. as been mass produced and promoted, and has been well received on the market.

Shiny Space's X1-Standard capacitors, with specialty of the followings and in comparison with X2-Standard:

Which withstands 4KV surge voltage, higher and safer than 2.5KV of X2-standard ones.
Which is compact and smaller.
Which is cheaper
Which for circuit designs, can be used to replace X2-Standard ones, but not vice versa, due to is much higher surge voltage.
Our SSE SX1 capacitors have passed the safety standards approvals, i.e UL, CSA, VDE and SEV that are recognized by eight major countries in the world. And, with the capacitances ranging from 0.0047uF to 10uF, with two kinds of rated voltage and maximum limit temperature; 250 VAC / 275 VAC / 85℃ and 250 VAC / 300 VAC /100℃. Furthermore, we also produce Metallized Polypropylene and Polyester Film AC Capacitors, they are highly reliable capacitors for general AC purpose,power circuit and other general electronic equipments, etc. With our strength and capability in capacitors manufacturing, Shiny Space is an ISO9001 certified factory since 1998, also ISO14001 certified factory in 2004.


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