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SANG FROICL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. established in 1969. specializes in the manufacture of the machines and relevant equipment required for the integrated production of PVC decorative items.
The production of such items involves ophisticated extrusion technology, their quality and extrenal appearance differing in accordance with the materials employed and processing conditions in place, says Liao Hsien-chang, president of Sang Froicl.
In line with the increased innovation and creativeness needed to come up with appealing decorative products, over the past several years the company has spared no effort, or expense, in upgrading its lineup of extrusion machines and auxiliary equipment.
For example, Venetian blinds have been a hot-selling decoration item in Taiwan since the 1980s. To meet the consistently high market demand for these items, the company has supplied local makert with not only the extrusion machines needed but also with the molds required for their production. The company's quality is well known, resulting in enjoyment of a sizeable share of the local market for such production machinery.
Sang Froicl's major lines are extruders, plastic pelletizing machines, coolers, extrusion molds, extrusion screw bars, take-off machines, mixers, flexographic molds, and vacuum water troughs. Its production equipment and molds are most suitable for manufacturing 25mm PVC window blinds, PVC venetian shades, PVC folding screens, soft & hard PVC mopping cloth, PVC pipes, PVC rods, PP tapes, plastic straws, cotton buds, acrylic sheets/pipes/rods/ hexagon bars, decorations, and flexographic products.


Profile Extruder, PVC Window Shades and Folding Doors, PVC Wall Board and Foamed Wall Board, PVC Soft Erasers (Mopping Cloth), PVC Soft Hoses and Rigid Pipes, PVC Soft and Rigid Pellets, PVC Flat-Conductor Cable, Acrylic Sheets, Pipes and Other Similar Items, PC Sheets, Pipes, Rods and Other Similar Items, Other Plastic Profile Products, PVC Extrusion Dies and Forming Dies


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