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Joy Winner, established in 1984, is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing and designing various high quality ultrasonic pest repelling devices which are user-friendly and effective in driving away rodents, insects, fleas, birds, wild animals and many other pests in a safe and efficient way. All of our products are made in Taiwan. With our long-term experience, exclusive technology and leading innovation in this industry, we proudly guarantee the highest quality of our products and their remarkable effectiveness.

JWP-Series SUPER PEST REPELLERS, featuring a special adjustable ultrasonic frequency system, can be used to repel rats and insects effectively. The intensive ultrasounds (20~65kHz) attack rats’ and pests’ auditory and central nerve systems directly. At a place equipped with our repellers, the pests exposed to ultrasonic waves will be constantly annoyed. As reported by users and demonstrated by our experiments, affected pests usually pack up and go in a few days. Our devices are low in power-consumption, use no chemical and do no harm to human beings or pets. Our super pest repellers are qualified to be called the latest green products. Not like other ordinary pest repellers, our repelling devices are armed with two unique technologies: the “Automatic Frequency Change” and “Adjustable Sweeping Speed” which can prevent rodents from getting used to a single-frequency sound by changing frequency and speed all the time. In addition, high output of sound pressure ranging from 110~119dB is more effective and has a wilder effective coverage. The largest coverage of this repeller can be up to 660 sq. meters. To set the control knob at the frequency of 10~20 kHz can repel birds outdoors (It is advisable to place this device at unfrequented areas). Applicable places include: farms, gardens, balconies, airports, villas and so on.


Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Rodent Repeller, Mouse Repeller, Bird Repeller, Mini Mosquito Repeller, Personal Alarm, Dog Repeller, Flea-Free Collar, Pet Collar, Water & Air Ozone Sterilizer


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