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Being established in 1973, on March 20, Dah Shi Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan, is the best experienced, and best known professional manufacturer of metal railings and components relating to that field, carrying the most comprehensive range of specifications for the lines of their products. Apart from the fact that Dah Shi Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan own three plants, with one for casting, another one for precision casting, and the third one for forming, assembling, and surface treatment, the world class production equipment Dah Shi have includes punching machines, pipe bending machines, argon welding machines, lathes, ordinary flare painting machines, static powder painting machines, 200°C high temperature furnace, tubular polishing machines, grinding machines, polishing machines, railing forming machines either locally made or imported from overseas. In order to cope up with the demands made by foreign buyers, as well as the feedback suggestions made by customers, Dah Shi has been continuously making investments in doing research and development, seeking for new substrates or components that make assembling quicker and easier.


Round Tube Part Assemblies, Stainless Steel Balustrade Assemblies, Stainless Steel Handrail Assemblies, Metal Hand Railings, Stainless Steel Tubes, Railings in Aluminum, Railings in Cast Iron, Railing System Fittings and Components, Flush Joiner, Flush Joiner TEE, Glass Holder, Handrail Support Radiused and Angle Adjustable, Flush Joiner 90° Angle Adj., Adj. Rail Support Radiused Internal Fit, Round Adjustable Heavy Duty Base Plate, End Cap Dome, Stainless Steel Accessories, Handrail Railing System, Special Size Tubes, Special Surface-Coating Tubes and Accessories, Stainless Steel Construction Corner Accessories


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