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Z.T. Metalware Co., Ltd has been established since 1984 and dedicated in the telescopic products, antannas, pointers, hand tools...etc. We do grow up from the manual mill to the automatic producing/assemblying for the past decades. Till now we'd gained the leading techniques and best quality for all the relevant articles in this field. We also gained the goodwills and excellent sales from the market.

Z.T. is creative and full of experience in the R&D for the new products, who had created many great articles like the Telescopic Conduct Pointers in1994, Laser Pointers in1997, Telescopic Pick-up Baton in 1998, Telescopic BBQ Tools in1995...etc.

Some specific applying of the telescopic batons also designed for the industrial products and assemblies. Like the woven machinery. And the repairment tools of motors/autos since 1992, like the Telescopic Inspection Mirrors, Magnetic Trays in 1998, Bendable Tools...etc. We also serve of trade affairs for every purchases and sourcings.

The customised principle had been followed from the product design to the sales service. We serve all the retailers, wholesalers or the traders for the main course that they're really interested. To satisfied our customer and help them to be profited more than expected is our niche and guideline.

In this new century of 21th, we consider Going Green and the Eco Friendly. Not all the way to the over produce but the spiritual value of our creativeness. Any new idea & muse are fully respected here and will be thirsty to be achieved and realised. We will be your best partner to bring your dreams come true.


Magnetic Tools, Electronic Parts, Antennas, Repair Kits, Mirrors Tools, Kitchen Utensils, Stationery, Pens, Promotion Items, Key Chains, Souvenirs, Novelty Products, Dental Equipment Tools, Kitchen Gadget


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