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Tiger Steel was founded at Chungli, Taiwan, in 1970. To respond to the evolutionary changes over time and on the ground of seeking for ever greater perfection, we pursue a vision of being the symbol for best springs. From leaf springs to coil springs, stabilizers, Torsion Bars, and railway track fastening clips, the production line has gradually become modernized. The high-efficiency production equipment were introduced from Europe, the U.S., and Japan. To satisfy customers’ strict demands on quality, a fully-equipped laboratory, which consists of high-precision performance testing machines and fatigue testing machines, was established to certify the newly-developed products. Since the completion of Guanyin plant and the start of mass production in 1996, Tiger Steel has become the most comprehensive and well-equipped spring manufacturer in Taiwan.

Tiger Steel has provided OEM services for China Motor (MITSUBISHI),Ford Lio Ho Motor Company (FORD, MAZDA), Yulon-Nissan Motor (NISSAN), Yulon Motor (GM), Taiwan Isuzu Motor (ISUZU), Prince Motors (SUZUKI), Formosa Automobile (DAEWOO), Chin Chun Motor (VOLKSWAGON), General Motors Taiwan(OPEL), Chinese Automobile (CITROEN), Yeutyan Machinery(DAIHATSU&PEUGEOT) , Peugeot (PEUGEOT), Jack Wang Motor ( HYUNDAI), etc.


OEM, After-market and High Performance Springs


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