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34 Years of Continuous Growth to Industry Leader
Since its establishment in 1976, Cosen has continued its growth into one of the world's largest professional band saw manufacturers, Today's Cosen manufactures over 90 models including manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and NC in types and from 200mm (8") to 2000mm (80") in capacities. With a record of more than 60,000 band saws sold to all five continents including Germany and Japan, Cosen's markets expand internationally to over 80 countries through authorized distributors for the metal cutting industry.
Proven Assurance of Absolute Quality and Reliability
Cosen has spent more than 34 years in maximizing efficiency and quality in every step of designing, engineering and manufacturing to assure customers of long-lasting performance. In addition to utilizing world brand parts such as Siemens of German, Telemecanique of France and NOK of Japan, Cosen has also earned ISO-9001 standards as well as CE designation and EMC to assure customers around the globe of absolute quality and reliability.
Nonstop Enthusiasm with Energetic Spirits
Cosen's past 34 years of nonstop passion and pursuit in producing the best band saw in the industry have developed Cosen into a mature and fully experienced band saw manufacturer today. Cosen's enthusiasm originated from its founder, Mike Huang, will never stop but pass along to the Cosen family, who are as committed in presenting the best sawing technology to all customers around the globe. Never stopping in progressing, the Cosen family together continues their dedication to bring to you the best bandsaw.
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