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Co Sheng Enterprise CO.,LTD. Was established in 1981.

The promoter, Mr. Tsan-Lin Hou had ever worked in the Most famous and the biggest scale of professional Air Compressor Manufacturer-Fu Sheng company for 12 years.

Mr. Hou involved in the professional area of Air compressor Since 1981 and founded his own logo-type of
Co Sheng Air Compressor. Therefore, he is a professional. expert at Air Compressor with experience of 23 years and excellent technology.

Capital: NT$6,000,000 Employees:12 Moreover, Mr.Hou researched and developed the AU series-Quiet Box type of Air compressor. The noise of AU series of Air compressor Is only 48 dB for 2 HP, 58 dB for 5 HP and 64 dB for 10 HP.(Tested by Industrial Technology Research Institute) It’s 25 dB lower than traditional Air compressor. Also,
Co Sheng guarantees that any consumable parts can be freely replaced in 2 years after purchase date.(Including AA series)

Mr. Hou thinks only excellent & perfect product can provide and guarantee The customer the best quality.
On the other hand, the Air-cooler 1HP~30HP Piston Air compressor is the best choice of Air power product.


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