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Hung Rong Hydraulic Tech. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953, manufacturing hydraulic pumps and auto parts for the transportation industry. Its main products include hydraulic gear pumps and torque wrenches. Held firmly the belief of “QUALITY, TRUST, AND HONOR” in work.
With top-notch manufacturing equipment, well-designed manufacturing processes and strict quality control systems, Hung Rong has obtained ISO 9001 certification and gained a strong foothold in the hydraulic pump market.

Domestic sales (including sales to export traders) account for 29.5% of the Company's sales revenue, while the remaining 70.5% comes from export sales. Its products are marketed to 27 countries worldwide. Southeast Asia accounts for 30.8% of the Company's exports, the Americas for 7.8%, Europe for 9%, the Middle East for 24.1%, Australia for 2.3%, East Asia for 24% and South Asia for 2%. Its quality products have garnered recognition and positive feedback from clients at home and abroad. Its "Crown" brand name, therefore, has become synonymous with competitiveness and high quality. In recent years, the Company's development has been centered on OEM and ODM services, and will continue its commitment to the improvement of technological innovation and quality.

To accommodate the government's environmental policy of "energy conservation, CO2 emission reduction, recycling and reuse," the Company has invested efforts in the development of “Hydraulic Briquette Press” that can press waste woodchips, plastic and paper generated during wood, plastic and paper processing to small briquettes for reuse. The Company will be more progressive in R&D, stick to its commitment to innovation, and develop more diversified products in the years to come.


Hydraulic Gear Pumps, Double Gear Pumps, Dump-Truck Pumps, Dump-Truck Hoists, Flow Dividers


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