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DMI Co., Ltd., was established in 1978. With more than three decades experience and specialized in manufacturing & exporting machinery, hand tools, auto parts and related equipment.Our professional knowledge, excellent service and quality are always our goals that have won DMI a worldwide reputation.We pursue being more competitive by developing innovative products to meet the strict requirement of the market. If you are interested in any of our products, you are most welcome to contact us.
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Main Products: Hand tools, Air tools, Auto parts, OEM parts.

Business Type: Exporting and OEM part services


Auto Parts, Chassis Parts, Suspension Parts, Steering Parts, Tie-Rod Ends, Pitman Arms, Center Links, Ball Joints, Strut Mounts (Suspension Mounts), Engine Mounts, C.V. Joints, Auto Lamps, Auto Side Mirrors, Body Parts, Washer Pumps, Brake Linings, Drums & Rotors, Fuel Filters, Air Filters, Exhaust Pipes, Muffler Tips, Mirror Parts, Steering System, Air Tackers/Air Staple Guns/air Nailing Tools, Pneumatic Hand Tools in General, Air Tools General, Air Screwdrivers, Hand Tool Kits, Precision Tool Sets, Hand Tools in General, Repair Tool Kit, LED Lamps, LED Holders


Year Established: 1978
Export Market: Global
Company: DMI CO., LTD.

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