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Lih Yann Industrial Co. has been in the forefront of product development and manufacturing in Taiwan since 1974, providing a wide range of practical items and solutions for both auto services and hardware tool markets. Among its important achievements is the development of the world's first vacuum oil-extractor, which has revolutionized the process of oil exchange in both application efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Dedicated to research and development, Lih Yann has over the years introduced numerous originally designed models of machines and equipment for auto maintenance and lubricating services, earning the company over 100 patents concerning both technical and functional aspects of various products. All its products have been tested and approved to meet the demand of times. Its product range covers oil-extracting equipments, hardware tools and other auto-related products.


Highly Efficient, Labor-Saving Oil Changing Equipment, Downword Suction Type Brake Fluid Changer, Automatic High-Speed Vacuum Oil-Suction Machine, ATF Exchanger, Multi-Function Powerful Suction Lifter, Plastic Oil Flask, Oil Filter Wrench, Tool Carts Series, De-Oiler, Air Operated Vacuum Oil Changer, Double-Pipe Parts Washer, Hand Rotary Pump, Vehicles, Hardware, Building Materials

Telephone: 886-4-2384-3388
Fax: 886-4-2384-3999
URL: www.lihyann.com.tw

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