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FKG BEARING CO.,LTD, with over ten years of production experience, is at the qualitative peak in the production of various automotive bearings.“Total quality” is the goal we are pursuing since the year of the company’s founding. All bearings we manufactured strictly comply with ISO9001 & QS9000 standard and cover almost 100% of European cars, Japanese cars, Korean cars and American cars. Together with our good service, FKG products have served the markets well in domestic and overseas.All our products under the FKG brand are becoming a good partner for more and more distributors of auto parts.=====================================================1.Wheel hub bearing and hub assembly
2.Tapered roller bearings
3.Wheel bearing kits
4.Air-conditioner bearings
5.Timing belt and pulley bearings
6.Automotive alternator bearings
7.Clutch release bearings
8.Automotive ball bearings for rear wheel or drive shaft
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