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Established in 1985, we specialize in making auto/motorcycle camshafts, crankshafts, igniters, transmission cylinders & forks, and valve arms. Pursuing sustainable business and product development, we introduced NC machinery and testing equipment to enhance technology and product quality. Maintaining top-quality products and prioritizing customers as motto, we strive to offer made-to-order items and lower cost to enhance customers’ competitiveness. Backed by integrity, innovation, enthusiasm, application of all-round know-how to constantly refine our advantage, we successfully stay atop of the market and industry. Our buyers are spread across Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, the U.S. and Europe.

1985 The establishment of the World Wild Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1994 Purchase of high-precision instruments to ensure the quality stability.
1997 The introduction of computer numeric control (CNC) non-labor cam-grinding machines systems into the computerized production.
1998 The purchase of the German Zeis automatic detecting equipment etc.
1999 To increase market share, towards the objective of diversification of production products.
2001 Web site set up to increase and the development of domestic and foreign markets.
2002 Import ISO quality management system.
2006 Relocation to the expansion of Touliu Industrial Park, Yunlin County, and the purchase of 2 vertical machining and 4 CNC computer lathe machinery .
2007 Purchase coordinate the purchase of test equipment.
2008 Design trends for the camshaft, procurement 1 small wheel (φ90) CNC cam-grinding machine , 1 CNC Vertical drilling and milling machine, 1 CNC Horizontal twin spindle deep hole drilling machine and 1 CNC machining center with rotary workstations.


Auto Camshafts, Motorcycle Camshafts, Crankshafts, And Igniters, Transmission Cylinders, Transmission Forks, Valve Rocker


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