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Founded in 1976, Machan International Co., Ltd. has developed into one of Taiwan’s top-end suppliers of tool storage products and hand tools for over 39 years.
Machan’s product portfolio is centered on tool storage products, including tool chests, roller cabinets, service carts, and work benches and stations, along with magnetic parts for display stands, related accessories, and aviation-grade tools, sockets, impact sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and auto repair tools.
Machan offers total solutions with the “Think Ahead” service and creative innovation. Drawing on advanced 3D software, AutoCad, Solidwork, ERP and EIP to enhance efficiency of R&D and sales teams, the company aims to further sharpen its capability of satisfying customers’ demand and solving problems immediately, so as to assure clients of successful business and competitiveness.
Another factor behind the success of Machan is its commitment to launching new products every season and extending reach to different industries. Following decades of development, the company has built solid reputations among buyers from auto and tool industries, mostly thanks to its high-profile products. The company’s newest tool cabinet, for instance, features 200 kilograms loading capacity per drawer and has been also popular in North America and Australia. This heavy-duty cabinet can be widely applied in the machine tool industry, mining industry, oil pipe industry and the other heavy duty industry.
Besides, Machan, already certificated by ISO9001 & ISO9002, is proud of its stable long-term supply chain that supports the good quality and trust building up among customers. Keeping promises made to every customer, the company cherishes every cooperation with customers and takes the responsibility of finding market niches for customers. The company stresses that it is always on the same boat with clients and dedicated to creating win-win partnerships with them.


Tool Cabinet, 3 Tray Service Cart, Working Table, Workbench, Backcabinet, PBE Box, Heavy Duty Roll Cab, Tool Boxes, Tool Cases, Auto Repair Tools, Equipment for Automobile Repair Plants, Tool trolleys, Boat-repair Tools


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