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Lucky-Brand Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1974, is one of Taiwan’s most professional manufacturers of a variety of hand tools, including hammers, axes, hatchets, wood chisels, nail tools, auto-body repair tools, etc. Since its establishment, the company has resolved to focus on high-end products to segment its production from rivals of developing nations. The company’s products met the DIN standard and won the TUV-GS certification as early as in 1985. In 1993, Lucky-Brand acquired the ISO-9002 quality assurance certificate from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection under the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The company boasts it has given first priority to developing innovative products since its establishment. All the company’s products are designed to meet the ergonomics requirements. Recently the company introduced a new series product named Dragon hammer.The curve design of the newly developed product can increase the strike correctness while decreasing the force to pull the nails for curved claw. The company says the Dragon hammer is a breakthrough from the traditional T-type hammer. With ergonomics design, the Dragon hammer provides safety and comfort to users.


Hand Tools, Nail Hammers, Hammers in General, Sledge Hammers, Ball Peen Hammers, Claw Hammers, Rubber Hammers (Mallets), Plastic Hammers, Joiner's Hammers, Bricklayer's Hammers, Schlosser Hammers, Half-hatchet Hammers, Plumb Bobs, Dragon hammer


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