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Founded in Taiwan since 1978, Tang Chou Ind. Co., Ltd. (Tang Chou, also known as TONSCO®) has been advanced with the global trend and economic growth of Taiwan to become an engineering service solution provider in the hand tool industry. With over 100 patents and 200 products in line, we commit ourselves to Hand Tools for Innovation to serve the global market with more cost-efficient and eco-friendly hand tools.
TONSCO® has been co-operative with world-famous brand names on an OEM and ODM basis, offering a full line of over 200 different hand tools that encompass a wide range of applications in Building & Construction, Auto (Body) Repairing, and DIY Home Improvement. Moreover, TONSCO® has owned more than 100 patents in various areas of hand tools application and new product invention. Since then, TONSCO® has evolved with the market need and become an elite manufacturer of hand tools, serving the industry with original, innovative engineering solutions. These achievements have been proved by many patents awarded by the government authorities in Taiwan, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, and so on.
Expertise: With over 3 decades of know-how, TONSCO® represents an elite maker of hand tools for innovation and for professionals.
Innovative Technology: Commitment to R&D concepts of Foldable, Interchangeable, eXtendable, Adjustable. FIX-A product with our multifunctional tools.
Patented Products: More than 100 patents applying on more than 200 items, covering industries of Auto & Machine Repairing, Construction & Wood and DIY Home
Social Responsibility: Providing the society with more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly hand tools for sustainable growth.
Customer Value: Maximizing long-term mutual benefit from client partnership basis; OEM & ODM cooperation are very welcome.


Hammers, Whole Bar Hammer, Bear Claw Nail Puller, Bear Claw Pry Bar, Auto repair tools, Automotive wheel lug wrenches, Auto Body repair tools, Pliers, Home & Floor/Carpet/Stair Hand Tools, Pry Bars/Craw Bars/Whole Bars, Bricklayer's Hammers, Tacker Hammers, Files (Filing Tools), Multipurpose Tools, Hand Tool Kits, Multi-wrenches, Impact Driver, Pay Bar, Floor Tool, Carpet & Floor Tool, Punches, Chisel & Punch Set, Multi Function Pliers, Double Power Lug Wrench, Multu-dolly, Impact Screwdrivers, Hammer Drivers, Cutting Pliers, Cable-cutting Pliers, Coaxial Cable Crimpers/Cutters, Wire/Cable Strippers


Address: 57 Industrial North Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 54066, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-49-225-9387
Fax: 886-49-225-9390
URL: www.tonsco.com.tw

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