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1951 Jia Hsian Metal Foudry was found by president Mr. Chang Ching Hsian 。
1956 Jia Hsian was authorized to supply copper alloy products by Military Factory 206。
1966 Starting brass rod products by 300 ton Extrusion machine , capacity 80 ton per month。
1968 600 ton Extrusion Machine, capacity 400 ton per month 。
1970 Composition analysis by element emission 。
1973 Melting by Induction Furance 。
1979 Yuang Hsian Metal industrial Corp. was found 1200 ton Extrusion Machine, capacity 1000 ton per month Casting by Semi Continuous Machine, Combined Machine from Japan ,Wet - type Air Pollution Treatment 。
1981 Combined Machine, Chamfering Machine and Bar Auto Bounding Machine from Germany 。
1989 Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine from Austria, Gravity-Cyclone-Filter Air Pollution Treatment。
1992 2000 ton Extrusion Machine , capacity 2000 ton per month。
1993 UPCAST Continuous Casting Machine , Vacuum Bright Annealer Furance and Muti-die Drawing Machine from Euro. Wire capacity 400 ton。
1998 ISO 9002 Certificate 。
2000 raw material R&D for EDM wire。
2002 Vacuum Bright Annealer Furance from Euro, Wire capacity 800 ton。
2003 ISO 9001 Certificate。 Fine Wire Drawing Machine from Japan and Euro。
2004 New Plant for EDM wire products, brand "YUANCUT"。
2005 Zn-coated wire for EDM is succeed for precision cutting. This wire quality is suitable for AGIE EDM machine。
2005 New plant for Phosphor Copper Anode, the quality is succeed in the marketing into PCB ( Printed Circuit Board) industrial。


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