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Hung Wen Hsin Co., Ltd.(HWH) is promoting a series of display shelves composed of composite materials including glass, acrylic, zinc joints, aluminum pipes, and steel cables. The shelves are designed to cater to do-it-yourself (DIY) users.

HWH was founded in 1974 to process parts for display racks. Today, our products include cable systems, bracket attachments, wall flanges, corner mounts and accessories, round brackets/square tubing connectors, cast connectors, joining clamps, screws, sign holders and tubing clamps. Its diversified into production of display shelves in 2004 with its mature experience in shelf-parts manufacturing.

Our advantages include its tooling-development capability, quality OEM manufacturing, zinc-alloy processing capability, and time-to-market efficiency. Its in-house manufacturing capability focuses on zinc, aluminum and plastic products.

We were awarded with ISO9001:2000 certificate in 2004, attesting to its production quality. We can accept various sizes of orders and supplies processing approaches that meet various industrial standards and environment-protection demands. Delivery time averages 40 days, with major markets including the United States, Canada and Europe.
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