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The Min Her Machine Company was established in 1950. It mainly produced the tools and equipments of the cans/jars food factories.

Because customer`s demand in 1979, and then it concentrated on developing the food machinery manufacturing and selling.

The multi-functional automatic-filled can machine was developed in 1985. This machine had the componedts such as the low temperature disinfects, kill the lush machine, conveyer, cooler, sterilization cauldron, double cauldron, automatic flour filter and retriever machine , breaking machine for polished glutinous rice group, wrapping up in thick liquid machine , the floating type poaching fish ball machine, delicious mushroom slicing machine, etc. From that time on, we have begun the manufacturing of the whole factory equipments of machinery and sold to other countries. Nowadays, the mechanical facilities produced by Min-Her company are used in America, Southeast Asia, and India`s area, etc. They are always getting the positive responses from the customers.
Food & Beverage Processing Machine, Food Machine, Hot-Oil Spraying Fryer, Auto Stripping/cubing Machine for Nana De Coco, Fresh Pork/Fish Slicing Machine, Auto Carpophore Cutter Forstar Fruit



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