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Since 1973, K&W Tools has played a vibrant and important role in the developing & manufacturing saw industry. As a professional saw leader in the cutting tool filed, K&W Tools has developed more than 60 types of precision saws, blades, holesaws and accessories. In addition to its complete product line, K&W’s three decades of experience guarantess a certain quality, which undoubtedly reflects on the life span of this reputable company. K&W continues to expand and increase its foreign and local clietete and caters to increasingly large demands for quality made products and OEM requests.


Hand Saws, Bow/Hack Saws & Blades, Air Hammers, Non-powered, Back Saws, Coping Saw Frames with Blade Sets, Jig Saws with Blades, Saw Blades, Pruning Saws, DIY Tools, Magnetic Drill Press/End Mill/Annular Cutters/Diamond Core Bit/Chain Saws/Reciproceating Saws, Electromagnetic Drilling Machines, Saws, Other Gardening Tools

Company: K&W TOOLS CO., LTD.

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