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During the 70’s Taiwan had faced the seriously shortang on the hydraulic system equipment and design. Therefore,our initator who devoted himself to research hydraulic system and observed Europe Japan’s high tech. In the meantime,obtained the support and guidance from Janpan.Since 1981,import hydraulic system equipment from Europ and Japan to provid machinery and automation factory’s demands.
In 1983,we established YUJIH to specialize in production and have our own brand”DAIWER” to design and manufacture in order to provide highly competitive price in hydraulic pump pressure valve…and auxiliary parts.
For satisfied our clients demands, we supply not only our brand but also importation,LING FONG also providing all kinds of specialty hydraulic system designs,Approved to ISO 9001 since 1999for provide relable products,We constantly interconnect to worldwide for improving the level of quality,
With a view in a new century, LING FONG would like to see from one of the world’s leading manufacturer’s of hydraulic system equipment,
◎Founded:10,March 1981
◎Capital:NTD 26 million
◎Company address:701 No 19, Dong He Road, Tainan, Taiwan.
◎Company telephone no.:886-6-238-1721~4
◎Company fax no.:886-6-2340595
◎Factory address: No.190, Zhong Zheng 2nd St., Yong Kang Dist.,
Tainan City 710, Taiwan.
◎Factory telephone no.:886-6-2539721
◎Factory fax no.:886-6-2539729
◎Line of business:import hydraulic pump,pressure valve,directional control valve,flow control valve,modular,hydraulic cylinders,hydraulic system power unit ,hydraulic system manifold ,associated products,and related spare part.
◎Approved:DAS ISO 9001
◎Award:Golden Earl Award of Asia-Pacific Excellent Quality Product 1998.
◎Staff:36 persons
◎Join:Taiwan Importers&Exporters Chamber of Commerce
Taiwan Hydraulics&Pneumatics Association
Hydraulic&Pneumatics Association R.O.C.
◎Legal adviser:Ruei Shin Lawyer’s Office,
◎Legal consultant:Tony chiang
◎Copyright:All rights reserved. No copy is allowed without the permission Our products are all according ISO9001 and designs are based on specification of JIS.All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Pressure Control Valves, Direction Control Valves, Hydraulic System Designing, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Components, Hydraulic Shock Absorbers, Flow Control Valves, Pneumatic Valves, Hydraulic Solenoid Valves, Heat Exchangers for Hydraulic Systems, Pipe Fittings for Hydraulic Systems, Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Motors, Pneumatic Piping Systems, Motors and Pumps, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Valves Parts and Accessories for Industrial Machinery, Flanges, Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic Valves, Hydraulic Fluid Filters, Filters Regulators and Labicators for Pneumatic Equipment

Company: LING FONG CO., LTD.

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