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History and Development

Welcome to Lyric Shin Group! The headquarters of Lyric Shin Group is Lyric Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd, established in 1981, which is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various electronic components.
Our company dedicated to electronic component design. In sustained endeavor of all members, Lyric Shin has obtained outstanding achievements. Yih Sean Enterprise Co., Ltd, the first coordinate company was founded in 1992, which mainly manufactured different kinds of plugs and sockets for automobile as well as the development of the microphone, Audio, Video, RCA, marine switch panel; and it is also the beginning of performing multi-product management. In 1994, we set up Ningbo JingTong Electronic Components Co., Ltd, in Mainland China to produce all items for Lyric Shin and Yih Sean. In 1999, we collaborate with Taiwan Hsin Wei Company to manufacture the computer radiator, CCTV camera housing, and bracket. In addition, we also newly develop the traveling charger for mobile phones. All efforts are settled for the firm foundation of long-term development.
Presently, Lyric Shin coordinate enterprises have set two departments under the Super Administration Units. Through the perfect coordinating and strict examining of International Trade Department, Sales Department, Management Department, Manufacturing Department, Quality Assurance Department, Material Department and R&D Department, we expect to achieve Take precautions against a calamity, Total quality management, Meet customers' satisfaction, Eternal Management

Main Products Introduction

Lyric Shin Enterprise: Toggle switch;Illuminated Rocker switch;Car switch;Slide switch; Reed-Alarm switch; Push-button switch; Foot Pedal switch and Speaker switch box..etc.
Yih Sean Enterprise: Vehicle Auto plugs/sockets, Microphones; DC power cord, Audio plugs/jacks, Fuse Holder Block Panel, Marine Switch Panel, Scart Adaptor..etc.
Ningbo JingTong Enterprise: All of Lyric Shin and Yih Seans products included and manufactured CCTV camera housing, bracket and traveling charger for mobile phones, step counter..etc.


Mounting Bracret, DC 12V Power Cord, Camera Metal Housing, Base, Mic Connector Autoplug & Socket, Switch Panel & Fuse Block Spron, Auto Illumnated Rocker Switch, Foot Pedal & Speaker Switch, Peed-Alarms With Toggle & Illuminated Rocker Switch, Reed-Alarm Switch, Push-Button & Micro Switch, Reed-Alarm Switch Capacitors, Car Stereo Radios & Players, Computers & Peripherals, Audio Systems, Adaptors, Converters & Inverters, Equipment for Production of Electronic Components, Disks Plugs, Jacks, Sockets, Switches, etc., Power Supplies Transformers Video Systems, Color Monitor, Auto Plug, Car Switch, Auto Socket, Reed-Alarm, Reed-Alarm SwitchCapacitors


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