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Matrix Metals Corporation is one of a leading manufacturer which is specialized in developing and manufacturing high performance, high quality titanium auto, motorcycle and bicycle parts which are titanium auto exhaust system and titanium alloy auto wheel fasteners and auto wheel Rim bolts and Racing lug nuts and titanium fasteners for motorcycle and bicycle parts for tuning and after market. In order to maintain the quality of the product, all our products are made in Taiwan by using lightweight and high strength Titanium.

We are experienced in OEM practice that we are able to manufacture the titanium alloy bolt at the particular shape and the specification to conform to your requirement. In other words, we engage in custom-made of titanium alloy bolt.

We are a company which is always trying to develop the new product to pander to the market. In order to make our client have the competitive price of products and have an advantageous position on the market, we never stop developing the new technology not only to produce high performance, high quality Titanium product but also lower the cost of production.


Titainum Bike Parts, Auto Parts, Muffler, Bolts, Nuts, Motorcycle Parts, Titanium Nut, SRC Exterior Walls and Interior Partition Walls, Metal Building Materials


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