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Pollux Lighting is an ISO9001 certified professional manufacturer of various lighting products, its headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with manufacturing located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China. The factory land area covers 20,000 square meters and the floor space area is over 25,000 square meters with sufficient space for further expansion as necessary.

The company has solid managerial strength with over 20 years of managerial experience in the lighting industry and is dedicated to producing quality lighting fixtures that meet or exceed the customers requirements while meeting industry required safety certification standards. Our desires and abilities give us the knowledge to create the products that conform to, meet and support the requirements placed on us by our customers and the lighting industry. We are continually working to earn the respect of and a partnership position with our customers.

Product creation is an ongoing theme of the Pollux organization with new products being continually introduced with some carrying North American Patents. Pollux earns the respect of its competitors, in the lighting industry, by recognizing their proprietary products and by assuring our customers that we will respect and protect their designs and new product development at all times from third party infringements.

Presently our main product categories are, Halogen, Incandescent and Fluorescent Work Lights, Security Lights, Trouble Lights, Vaportite Lights, Task Lights, Electrical boxes and covers, Bunker Lights, Bulkhead Lights, Quartz Lights, Surface Mounted Luminaires, Hi-Bay Fixtures, Wall Cube Fixtures, Garden Lights and Solar Lights. We are always adding new products and work continuously on the development of products in these categories.

A vertical production ability and a strong R & D commitment, a comprehensive Quality Control program and an efficient and progressive management system makes Pollux a competitive lighting manufacturer seeking new products, new markets and new customers.

Our production processes such as stamping, bending, spot welding, cutting, die casting, powder painting, waste water treatment, ballast winding and welding are supported by production equipment and procedures that produce a quality product. Supporting these processes are product engineering staff, product designers and quality control personnel who are aware of and adhere to electrical safety requirements, ISO procedures and who have a desire to present to our customers products that proudly carry their name and ours.

All employees, management and production personnel, work to improve the products we produce, supply defect free products and to give our customers the knowledge that we are committed to them and to supplying them with a quality product that is worthy of bearing their name and the name of Pollux Lighting Inc..


Outdoor Lights, Work Lights, Spotlights, Fluorescent Floodlight, Halogen Quartz Floodlight, Security Light, High Bay, HID


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