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IN 1980 The company was established in Taiwan. Initially, our main products were AC Source, Active Load as well as similar testing equipment.
IN 1987 Company focus was placed on the Research & Development of Power Supplies for Monitor applications. This also marked the beginning of when we manufactured 150Watt Power Supplies.
IN 1990 Production of Power Supplies for Monitor Applications was a major focus while at the same time Research & Development on Power Supplies for Fax Machine applications was initiated.
IN 1992 Our Company was producing Power Supplies with applications for Fax Machine, Transformers & CPU Coolers along with our other product lines.
IN 1995 Due to the growth of the Notebook business, Research & Development was done in order to manufacture Power Supplies for this growing sector.
IN 1996 We dedicated our efforts to the Research & Development of Power Supplies for many various applications due to customer demand.
IN 1997 Our company was involved in additional Research & Development in order to produce Power Supplies for application in Scanners, Notebook, P.O.S. & Barcode Machines. This was also the year that marked the establishment of SUNNY in Dongguan IN 1998 City, Mainland China. At this time, our Research & Development was established and actively engaged in Tech Transferring.
IN 1999 We acquired factory certification by UL. We engaged in the Research & IN 1999 Development of new products. Also, we processed other electric products including :controllers for electric blankets.
IN 2000 We acquired factory certification by ISO 9002.We engaged in the Research & IN 2000 Development of High Wattage Power Supplies as well as processing Electric Ballast and Emergency Lighting Equipment.
IN 2001 We acquired factory certification by TUV. Research & Development leading to the production of DC-DC Power Supplies was initiated at the time as well.
Sunny-Korea was established in Seoul, Korea.
We obtained the factory certification by EK, CCEE and Nemko. In the meantime, we were producing Power Supplies for Medical use and applications.
Sunny USA was established in New Jersey-U.S.A.
IN 2002 We obtained the factory certification by ISO 9001:2000 and PSE. Further Research & Development efforts lead to the manufacture of 300Watts Industrial use Switching Power Supply.
IN 2003 We obtain the factory certification by CCC. Also marked in this year that the factory expanded from 11,000㎡ to 21,000㎡.Developing and manufacturing 400Watts Switching Power Supply for Industrial use. We also engaged in the Research & Development of DC-AC Inverter.
Sunny Japan was established in Osaka-JAPAN.
Sunny Europe was established in Bruno-Czech Republic.
IN 2004 Sunny Oceania offices were established in Australia and New Zealand.
IN 2005 EMI Laboratory set up.
Paperless operation.
1st Lead Free production process started from Feb..
ISO14001 certify is scheduled in the 4th quarter.


Switching Power Supply


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