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Kun Fong has a grand reputation in the plastics industrial field. It specializes in design, developing and manufacturing various plastic products by means of blow molding, injection molding and rotation molding technology.
Our target is to supply the plastic products with the most reasonable price therefore making our customers lives more convenient and comfortable.
Our design focuses on fully utilizing space and environmental protection. The products include a flexible container, kitchen waste container, outdoor hand washing sink, transportation parts, plastic table, class chairs and so on
Two products our company is very proud are the New Mobile Lavatory and an Ecological Deodorizer that contains a bacteria-killing agent. These are not only conforming to strict environment standards but also environmental protection.
Our articles are environmentally, friendly. Contact us for more information. We also welcome any agent who may be interested in marketing our products as well.


Family Paper-Ware Processing Machinery(Facial Tissue. Napking Paper. Tissue Paper), WET Tissue Packaging System, Pocket Tissue Making Machine, High Speed Plain End Sealing Cutting Machine, PLC Control Automatic Bottom Sealing & Perforating Bag Making Machine, Specializing Inblow-Molded & Molded Product, Cleaning Implements, Injection, Mobile Lavatory, Flexible Container, Wash Basin, Plastic Container, Plastic Chair, Plastic Table, Kitchen Waste Container, Car Spoiler, Car Bumper, Anti-Glare Plate, Family Paper-Wares Processing Equipment, Auto Napkin Paper Production Line, Wet Paper Towel Production Line, Various Paper-Wares Packaging Machine, Plastic Products Processing Machine, Blow Film Machines, Printing Machines, Blow Molding Machines, Paper Processing Machines, Auto Napkin Paper Making Machine, Auto Face Tissue Making Machine, Toilet Paper Roll Making Machine, Kitchen Paper Roll Making Machine, Hand Towel Tissue Making Machine


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