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Being mainly a supplier of welding machinery and peripheral equipment (90% of product line), we also provide machinery-associated designing, manufacturing and marketing services. To better serve our clients for better, all-round profitability, we continually upgrade R&D skills and production technologies.

Main products:
Spot welders, butt welders, flash welders, seam welders, automatic welders, welders, rounding machines, cutting and welding machines, strap welders, flattening machines, welding rollers, heat-pipe welding equipment, welding manipulator arms, grid-board welders, ditch-cover welders, iron-wire welders, welding turntables, double-column spot welders, DC spot welders, inverter spot welders etc.


Welder, Spot Welder, Automatic Welder, Hardware Welding Machine, Hydraulic Machine, Copper Material, Electrode, Roller Rounding, Wire Mesh, Pneumatic Water-cooled Spot Welder, Pneumatic Butt Welder, Hydraulic Flash Welder, Pneumatic T-type Spot Welder, Pneumatic Precision DC Spot Welder, H-type Butt Welder, Pneumatic Seam Welder, Double-column Spot Welder, Hydraulic Multi-spot Grid-board Spot Welder, Pedal-operated Spot Welder, Auto Straight-line-welding Table, Double-roller Sheet Rounding Machine, Auto Horizontal Rotary Welding Table, Auto Vertical Rotary Welding Table, Welding Positioner, CNC Auto Welding Table, Welding Roller, Welding Manipulator Arm, Heat-pipe Welding Equipment, Two-axis Welding Turntable w/Robotic Arm, Welding and Soldering Machines, Plate Rolling Machines, Machinery Parts and Components, Gas-operated Welding Machines, Electric Welding Machines, DC TIG Welding Machines, Butt Welders, Automatic Welders, Flash Welders, Spot Welders, Seam Welders, Welders, Rounding Machines, Cutting and Welding Machines, Strap Welders, Flattening Machines, Welding Rollers, Welding Manipulator Arms, Grid-board Welders, Ditch-cover Welders, Iron-wire Welders, Welding Turntables, Double-column Spot Welders, DC Spot Welders


Number of Total Employees: 18
Year Established: 1998
Export Market: Global
Capital (USD): US$310000
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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