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Yuh Chyang Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is fulfilling its promise to provide the most suitable solutions to all customers' requirements in the hardware field. Based on "deliberate production skill, operational improvement, and endless innovation", the mission of Yuh Chyang is to sustain the users' satisfaction in all respects of applications.
Situated in An Nan District, the Suburb of Tainan City, Yuh Chyang is highly integrated with the modern facilities and the coordinated management. Though it is not in the hardware industry long enough, Yuh Chyang has accumulated its own abundant production experiences and knowledge.

In order to increase the production capacity and the product quality, the well-organized automation equipment and advanced computer system have been integrated into the whole production process for a decade. It is definitely an honor to present to you - our customers - the most precisely complex and suitable hardware components.

To provide the all best to you - our customers - is always a top-critical motivation to all staff in Yuh Chyang. Therefore, quality control becomes the first priority to be taken into consideration and action. With well-designed measurement instruments and inspection equipment, the rated production capacity and good yield keep going up. In addition, the "Yuh Chyang quality control network - immediate responses & intelligent solution-offer" is also one of strong advantages to fulfill your demand.

What Yuh Chyang has been performing is not only to serve you currently but also to provide you more in the future. The endless innovation will be the dominant factor in the competitive market. Being one of the members in the hardware industry, Yuh Chyang do and will strive to a variety of innovations to fully support your various applications.

Yuh Chyang expands the operational flexibility by increasing the capital from USD$ 13,500 in the beginning to USD$ 7,000,000 at present. Any opportunities that you, our customers, create and sustain the relationships with Yuh Chyang are always the valuable resources for us to grow up continuously. Yuh Chyang will take the reputations contributed by you to self-expect to be the most suitable solutions and services supplier, not only in the local market, but also in the international business arena.


A/V Connectors, Ball Screws, Carburetors, Fuel Injectors, Turbochargers, Bit Sets, Fiber-Optic Connectors, Machined Metgal Parts, Optical Parts, Screwdrivers, Electronic, Auto & Motorcycle Parts, Electronic Parts, RCA Receptacles, Plugs, Assembly, Processing, Manufacturing, CNC Parts, CNC Processed Electronic Parts, CNC Processed Auto/Motorcycle Parts, /V Connectors, CNC Auto Lathe, RAC Socket, Light-Activated, Assemblies, Auto & Motorbike Parts, Fiber-Optic Parts, Milling, Drlling, Hinging, Tapping, Lathe Turning, Fiber-optic Electronic Parts, Light-actinated Adapter, RCA Socket, Pluc and Assemblies


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