From range 3~7.5kva in Honda engine (KOSIKA SERIES) or Subaru- Robin engine (POWER MASTER SERIES).

MOW-LIN Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1978, with more than 20 years experience in making high quality generators and water pumps. Our products have been widely exported worldwide to regions such as North America, Australia, European Economic Community, Asia, and the Middle East.
We have generator from 3~7.5KVA, water pump from 1"~4", trash pump from 2"~4", plastic pump in 2"&3", fire fighter pump and high pressure pump.
The engines we use are all imported from original manufactured, the rest parts are made in Taiwan and whole unit is assembled in Taiwan as well; the quality is guaranteed.
Mow-Lin's products have been well accepted by various customers. We warmly welcome customers' samples and drawings for cooperative product development.
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