Three In Enterprise Ltd had been produced gas spring for office chair over 20 years.
Our company used the most advanced technology and various kinds of equipment

boosting automatic production. For the business strategy, concerning to the prospect
of the global market, upgrading product quality and dividing its products from the
counterparts who made in low-paid-labor areas are the approaches to rival on the

diversified market.
  For this reason," Three In " always lays stress on R&D annually presenting
novel products crafted by new material meeting market requirement and enabling

customers more competitive capability.We always offer the highest quality and
reasonable price for our customers. Our products have enjoyed brisk sales around the
world. We have experiences in cooperation with many manufacturers of office chair.

Customer’s design and OEM order are welcome.We are the professional manufacturer
for office chair gas spring cylinder. We specialize in Gas Spring, Hinge, OA Chair w/Far
Infrared … etc. Our products as follows :
Gas Spring- OA series :
suit for general office chair, executive chair, drafting & dentist stool... etc.
Mechanical Type:
suit for wheel chair, folding chair ...etc.
Gas Spring- Fixed Type:
suit for leisure chair, bar stool ...etc.
Gas Spring- Open end Type:
suit for conventional machine, cupboard, car & airplane ...etc.
Gas Spring- Air & Oil pressure Type:
suit for desk, athletic equipment & hospital bed...etc.
OA Chair w/Far Infrared:
use the far infrared cycle to bring energy. The energy circulates blood round the body. It is good for health.
Professional Gas Spring Lift Manufacturer, Self-Closing Door Hinge, Self Closing Door Hinge, Mechanical Lifting Arm



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