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Leadwind Products Innovation Company(Leadwind), founded in Kaohsiung city, used to be a OEM factory focus on plastic outward appearance handling(Computer Aids Design -- C.A.D.) and tool-set machining(Computer Aids Machining – C.A.M.). In 2003, Leadwind build it’s brand on car styling accessories. Base on it’s outstanding CAD/CAM experience, plus several newcomers of designer and engineer, it creates many surprising styling goods of car accessories.
Leadwind has it’s core compentency on products’ curve-surface designing, handling and tool-set making. it also has vertical out-sourcing integration ability to control mass production quality outcome. Now, it’s main market is in Europe and Japan, and also America will be in the near future.
Now, Leadwind is also welcome accepted by it’s buyers to do OEM/ODM for their local exclusively products, Leadwind always hope it can make a Win-Win market with it’s partners in the future. And believe it have ability to do so !!


Rear-Diffusor, Chrome Cover, Chrome Air Vent, Brake Lamp, Lamp Cover Spoiler- Chrome/Paint Type, Air Intaker-Universal Type, Side Maker, Signal Lamps, Fog Lamps, Mirrors, Spoilers, Performance-turning Parts & Accessories, Plastic Parts


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