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Kuntech is a professional fasteners manufacturer since its foundation in 1989 in Taiwan. We are devoting ourselves in special (customized or non-standard) fasteners and hardware. Our customers are from many industrial territories, such as autos, motorcycles, bicycles, furniture, sports, toys, 3C, and etc. To increase our competitive vantages in prices, quality control, and real-time delivery, we set a manufacturing facility, named Sanhewlett Metal Products Company, in China since 1991. Now our China Factory has grown up to a 300 employees and 400 tons monthly yield facility.

There is no manufacturer can satisfy all the customers in all products. There are more and more products, which are over our production capability and capacity, requested from our present customers. We are not only introducing more equipment but also enhancing our sourcing capability to find out other reliable manufacturers to serve and satisfy our customers. Today we can offer customers the products with good quality, good prices, and good delivery times of fasteners, stamping parts, wire works, (CNC) turning and machining parts, lost wax die casting parts, MIM parts, and even plastic and rubber products.

Today's business competition is more and more intensive not only in the prices but also in the quality and delivery times. We have complete inspection and test devices (listed below) to ensure the qualities of the products. We are training to be certified by ISO 9001 system at this moment and will extend the training and certification to TS 16949. Keeping prices attraction as well as quality superiority and delivery on time to satisfy the customers are our basic policies.
Foundation: Kuntech International Corp., Taiwan: 1989
       Sanhewlett Metal Products Company, China: 1991

Capital: US$800,000.

Turnover: US$ 6.5 Million

Employee: 300

Our main production equipment:
4die-4blow and 3die-3-blow Bolt Formers
6die-6blow Nut Formers
1die-2blow and 2die-4blow Heading Machines
Threading Machines (Plate, 2-Rollers, 3-Rollers Types)
CNC Lathes
Desktop Mini Lathes
Milling Machines
Slotting Machines
Drill and Tapping Machines
Hydraulic Press Machines

Q.C. Devices:
Calipers, Micrometers
Pin Gauges
Complete Thread Ring and Plug Gauges
3-Roller Thread Gauges of Pitch Diameters
Complete Go & No-Go, Depth, and Fallway Gauges of Hexagon,
6-Lobes, Pozi, and Cross Recess Drives
Height Stand
Protrusion Head Height Gauges
Torque Wrenches with Fixture Stand
Rockwell Hardness Machine
Tension Strength and Proof Load Test Machine
Salt Spray Test Machines
Hydrogen Embrittlement Test Fixtures
Profile Projectors (Optical Comparators)


Screws, Nuts, Studs, Shafts, Stamping Parts, Turning Parts, Hardwareds


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