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Jason Auto-Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 by its owner Mr. Jason, who was originally inspired to pursue a career in machining while in an internship course during his school years, where he was awestruck by a cutter on a lathe that shaped a rotating iron bar into a fluted workpiece or ball-tipped cylinder. Such deeply-etched impression sparked his curiosity ever since to, also due to industrial evolution in Taiwan, customer support and guidance by predecessors, motivate the entrepreneur to grow sustainably his dedicated automated machinery business over 20 years.

Just as seed capital is essential to any startup, Jason Auto-Machinery will forever be grateful to Changhwa-based (southern Taiwan) Chia Cherne Industry Co. among other customers for placing the first order to start the fledgling enterprise on the way to its current success.

Business Philosophy
While having gained strength and know-how through developing and manufacturing countless automated machines, the company continues to adhere to the four core pillars of its business philosophy.
1. The mission is to always supply excellent, optimized machinery.
2. The goal of partnership is to provide consultancy and high-end service.
3. Jason's highest honor is achieving total customer satisfaction.
4. The maker values dealing with global customers as fateful opportunity to build mutually-profitable ventures.

Jason Auto-Machinery’s product lineup mainly includes automatic two-sectional slide assembly machine, automatic tri-sectional ball-bearing track assembly machines, two-in-one brake cable/steel rope welding machines, etc.

We can design and manufacture slide assembly machines in accordance with customer samples and requirements.


Ball-Bearing Slide Rail Assembling Machines, Combination Jointers & Planers, Feeding Attachments, Brake Cable / Steel Rope Welding Machines., 46mm Slide Inner-Plate Assembly Machine, Three-Sectional Slide Assembly Machine, Two-Sectional Slide Assembly Machine


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