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Established in the heart of Asia, Taiwan, Kingsdale has unique way of doing business. Outperforming global market. Expectations in product performance, durability and innovation, Kingsdale’s success story is the product itself. Kingsdale was founded by the “Wang brother”, a young dynamic duo with a thirst for business excellence. Experts in product marketing and with the ability to select & develop some of the most unique hand tools on the world market today, this formidable duo sets new standard for hand tool performance, quality and design. Kingsdale specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of unique ‘patented’ hand tools and accessories.


Hand Tool, Utility Knife, Hacksaw, Tube Cutter, Plumbing Tool, Socket Set, PIPE TOOLS, Bits & Screwdrivers, Cutting Tools, Hexkey & Wrcnchs, Diver Set, Pocket Set, Utility Bar, Folding Pocket Saw, Ratchet Pipe


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