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Led by our general manager Jason Lo, who has been in the K/D furniture and hardware industry for 20 years, we, Angel Furniture Co., Ltd., were established in 2003. We have a 468,000-sq.-ft. factory in China's city of Huizhou, making faux antique metal furniture, and two factories in Taiwan making iron-wire/-tube K/D furniture, which comes with glass panels, wooden boards, and plastic accessories. Our faux antique metal furniture is mainly exported to the USA and European countries, while iron-wire/iron-tube K/D furniture to markets around the world. Our products include clothes racks, TV stands, bedsets, iron-tube sofas, lounge chairs, cabinets, display racks, etc.

With experienced professionals handling in-house design, R&D, sample manufacture, and export ventures, we provide customers with prompt delivery, competitive prices, superior-quality products, and whole-hearted services.


Making Faux Antique Metal Furniture, Iron-Wire/-Tube K/D Furniture, Which Comes With Glass Panels, Wooden Boards, and Plastic Accessories. Clothes Racks, TV Stands, Bedsets, Dining-Sets/Tables And Chairs, Computer Desks/Tables, Iron-Tube Sofas, Lounge Chairs, Cabinets, Display Racks, Dining Carts, OEM Products etc, Wardrobes, Bunk Beds, File Cabinet, Cabinets/Boxes, Liquor Cabinets/Racks


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