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Founded in 1985, Gei Huan Enterprise Co., Ltd. is located in Nantzu Dist., Kaohsiung, in the south of Taiwan. Beginning our business as a pastry-making professional firm, we have developed a unique line of super-saving-type gas steamers (with or without carts).Our president, Mr. Su, affirms that the new product has been greatly improved and is far superior to traditional steamers, which are usually heavy, with small capacity,and cause high interior heat, heavy sweating for operators, and low working efficiency. Pastries steamed with traditional steamers taste bad and have a poor look.

Patented in Taiwan, the U.K., Australia, the USA, mainland China, and Japan, our super-saving-type gas steamers consume very little electric power, feature superb functions, large capacities (with net trays), no dripping, and wide usage. Made of stainless steel SUS304, the units are hygienic, durable, and easy to wash and maintain. Capable of steaming up to 440kg of flour-based foods with 20kg of gas (four times the capacity of general types of steamer),they also feature auto water feeding, with a timer and temperature control. Having established a solid reputation in markets worldwide, we guarantee that our products are of unrivaled quality.

The super-saving gas steamer is ideal for steamed buns, steamed bread, rice cakes, hams, meatballs, fish rolls, Chinese-style dumplings, glutinous rice dumplings, vegetarian food, and many other types of food.

Our head office and factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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