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Our company was established in 1984, located at Fangyuan District, Taichung City, a small town of “Ceiling Fan Kingdom” and started to produce spare parts for Ceiling Fan in 1985, such as parts pack, strap, bead chain, balancing pack, insulation paper, plastic…etc which has created brilliant performance and achievement. Our main market was then at advanced countries of Europe and US. Around 1991, NT dollar was appreciated for NTD 38 to one US dollar and the labor cost kept on rising; most of the factories have moved to the countries with low labor cost, such as China, Thailand, Indonesia…etc. Our orders were lost gradually. Owing to our professional skills for spare parts, molds as well as our concept of continuous management, we’ve put into the production for Ceiling Fans in 1992. The items we developed were for domestic market mainly with plant expanded from 50 pings to 500 pings and the monthly output of 10,000 sets. In 1998, we’ve passed the certification of CNS3765 (the strictest certification standard for Ceiling Fan) and our quality was approved by national inspection bureau. Moreover, in 2008, we’ve obtained Energy Saving Label No. 970204 and got MIT Label No. 02000046 in 2011. “WEDES” is our own brand. We’ve deliberately researched and developed to reach the current excellent quality with very powerful airflow.

Since 1961, it has been over 50 years that Iron Three Leaves, so-called Industrial Ceiling Fans have been very popular. In this period, it’s the peak time of exporting to European and US clients since 1981 which drove the innovative development for Ceiling Fans with multi functions of regulating the air, indoor lighting and accelerating air circulation and entered into the region protected by patents. It’s been 30 years ever since we also involved in domestic market in 1981 that added a new force into home appliance market and became one of the indispensible products at home. In 1991, it came the high-tech era. With the world trend of environmental protection, Ceiling Fan was brought into the range with wall switch and IC remote control. It was also the age of energy saving, cost rising of oil material and emerging of solar energy which drove Ceiling Fan changed to use BLDC brushless DC Motor instead.

For overall style, the stamping of iron material, wooden sticker, acrylic injection and dyeing various colors matching with leaves’ colors, the products are very practical with beautiful shape; furthermore, the design of cultural performance emerged in daily decoration to raise the living taste to enhance brand reputation in consumers’ minds. On the way toward WTO, under the urging of Commodity Inspection Bureau and R&D for Ceiling Fans, we’re marching into the way approved by world standard, such as UL in US, VDE in EU, CSA in Canada. We have started to improve our products to be in the line with world quality and standard. The development of preventing pulling switch from breaking and some models with wall switch to control the stages of Ceiling Fan and Lighting Fixtures and reduce maintenance frequencies. Echoed with global tendency of energy saving and carbon reduction, our company has adopted BLDC Motor since 2008 to save power consumption up to 60% for electricity saving and super silence.

Motor Performance
Motor specification such as AC, from Ø153Xt12, t15 to Ø188Xt12, t15, t18, t22; DC from Ø153Xt8 , t16, RPM will be matched according to blade size and length as well as room size to decide motor type. Normally, high speed at 220RPM-250RPM is super strong wind; considering the structural material, RPM shall not be raised. Middle speed 150RPM-100RPM and low speed below 90RPM, the temperature under motor loading shall be controlled below 75 ° C and added a fuse to prevent overloading. The mild breeze let us feel very natural, comfortable and healthy. Mechanism of BLDC MOTOR Brushless DC: outer rotor has inside coil and outside magnetic rotor with a rotary shell fixing these magnets. By means of changing electric charging direction to coil to generate megnatic field and promote magnetic rotor. Inductive HALL element is installed inside to sense rotor position and control motor rotation.
Specification: Ø153xt16 (8-pole, 12 turns) – speed 0.3A 40V low pressure 24V output.

Safety Performance
Since there are lots of items and the average weight for each lighting fixture and bulk is about 10KG~30KG, the suspension system can’t be ignored. Start from ceiling, the expansion screws (anchors) must be absolutely fastened. If use light steel frame or plank, the suspension parts must be enhanced by hanger, steel wire and lob to assist the important elements of suspension to let the consumers feel at ease for use.

Lighting Fixture Design Concept
Lighting fixture is an indispensable visual product for human. In addition to the function as lighting, it can also beutify indoor lighting effect. It can be said the best partner with celing fan. Without light, it just likes a beauty without makeup. Ceiling fan and light has acted as art lights with signle light ~ 7 lights and small nightlight. The minor part of art lights is bulb which has marched into the type of enery saving, long enduring life, no flashing, and eye protection. LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) design in single life can save energy has consumption power 20W and saves 80% power compared with halogen 100W.

Leading brand in the market is our goal and idea
From classic to art, at that time, the consuming market was at sprouting stage. It was the seller’s market with few selections for commodities. After many years’ continuous R&D and improvement, products are diversified. Along with economic downturn, consumers have been tending to be reasonable and market conservative; they also more concern about the environmental and consumer right. So, fhe marketing strategy for the future will decide the key of victory.

☉ The prices on the catalogue are suggested selling prices. Construction cost will be charged
☉Each set of lighting fixture can be matched with any ceiling fan. Spiral lamp or LED will be
charged separately.
☉ A part of items in the catalogue are adopted with new structural lighting fixture switch cover
which promotes ceiling fax balance greatly.
☉ Pioneeringly use 500 pings whole sale management type with full range of products and reasonable prices. Controlled by computer for speed delivery with safety inventory from delux series to ordinary series. Each set has been handled by precision instrument to test motor noice, balancing correction and quality control. Adopt the most advanced motor assembly machine.

☉ Some of our ceiling fans are adopted with wall control switch to control the number of stage.
☉ We are the first to develop large outer diameter Ø200m/m ceiling bell and hanger.
☉ We pioneeringly launched the longest blade L660m/m with widest wind field.
☉ Our company was setup in 1984 as professional manufacturer of ceiling fans for 30 years.
☉ The steel wire protects the safety part of ceiling fan.
☉ Our products are insured by SINKONG product liability insurance to ensure guarantee of use for consumers.
☉ We have passed National Standard Inspection Bureau CN53765 with Certificate No. R51293.
☉ We have worked hard to develop and obtained a number of patents at home and abroad.
☉ Light steel frame ABS plastic rotary air-conditioning fan is launched.
☉ We have obtained Engery Label 970204 qualified certificate. BLDC brushless DC motor
is launded formally.
☉ In 2011, we have obtained MIT Smiling Mark Certificate No. 02000046.
☉ Segmented LED single light is launched.
☉ Our catalogue is your best choice.

Energy Saving Label
Our claim to products is energy saning with environmental new concept which has obtained the affirmation from Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Ecnomic Affairs and granted “Energy Saving Label” for use in our products.

MIT Permit
Our products are all made in Taiwan with MIT Smiling Mark and worthy of your trust.

Our company has obtained the Patents and Inspection Certificates.

Production Flow Chart:

1. Blade processing 2. Stator winding 3. Motor formation 4. Cleaning 5. Coloring 6. Drying


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