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Sen Chen Ind. Co., Ltd was established in 1981.The predecessor was Ren Hong traffic apparatus shop. specialized in various kinds of motorcycle engine parts and sold the whole all parts for Taiwan market.We act for the selling operation in Taiwan of a lot of engine part factories.establishing Jie Wei Limited Company jointly with Dian Mu Company in 1989.Sen Chen Ind. Co. , Ltd was established in individual proprietorship in 1992 . we manufacturing the cylinders for the motorcycle , Agricultural machinery ,etc. Specially in order to guarantee quality, set up fully line of equipment in 1993 and then our company enable to totally work for demand of satisfying our buyer and market increasing day by day.

Operation Idea

Sen Chen adheres to the management idea that " Quality is first. Manage continuously forever "In process of production, we has poured into the perseverance to the quality and technology, in order to reach the required goal of quality. we insist that can reach the customer's demand in quality and make a self-criticism to improve as soon as possible, to perform the ISO 9002 standardized procedure, It is our faith in quality . Our company except person who purchas measured equipment, strengthen training of personnel.To begin with " raw materials ", enable combining it from raw materials to finished product, by consistent system, becoming the domestic largest cylinder factory.

In recent years, Sen Chen cylinder with assemble the motorcycle to supply on Sandy beach car to sell in other areas for sale abroad, and scatter in all parts of the world , We become one of the largest cylinder factories of Taiwan. We will adhere to this faith and with more rigorous attitude to reciprocate Buy's affirmation to us.


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Company: SEN CHEN IND. CO., LTD.

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